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Helen Davey, Founder

Side GuardsA bit about how Poly Safe Hay Rings came about…

After much frustration in keeping my hay dry, I decided to build something myself. I wanted to build something that ticked all the boxes:

> safe for horses

> durable

> easy for one person to handle

> slow feeder hay net incorporated

> able to move easily to new location in paddock

> no wasted hay

> an affordable price to build

After much product research and several prototypes built, I came up with a design that ticked all my boxes. It works great for the horses we have at my place and I no longer have wet wasted hay, nor do I have to put in any effort to fit the Slow Release Net each time.

I had so much interest from other people I decided to work on the design so it could be sold in larger numbers. I also needed to make assembly easy so it could be sold flat packed, making freight across the state or country feasible.

I been using and selling my Poly Safe Hay Rings for nearly two years now and they have stood the test of time, looking and functioning now just as they did nearly two years ago.

These Hay Rings are built to last.

I also make and sell slow release hay nets that can be made to any size you need.



Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. [email protected]